So there’s something really important you will need to know about meI’m a cowgirl. No really. In my heart of hearts, I had been born in the incorrect place. As we proceed, I was supposed to be born out west where every morning we saddle up and head out on the plains, cows that were wrangling. The world works in funny ways. I was not born as a matter of reality, into that at all, and my dwelling in London is a CV builder for a long time in cattle ranching. So I go crazy for any kind of reference to the west in fashion. It’s part of the reason I am obsessed with Ralph Lauren, and will always be because of his very obsession with also that part of the world and this method of life.

I suppose I needed to clarify this with this particular outfit and , once I watched this skirt, so I almost leapt onto it like it might disappear if I did not have it right there and then. It talked to me, simple and plain. And there was no way I’d style it anything less than a homage to the amazing American West. There you have it. I believe it explains everything. This skirt is a classic, simple and plain. And what else, well, you’ve found me wear a million times over already. So you know that these are keepers! Leather, denim and cow print….