Dark, white, denim; so it is no secret that these are three of my favorite items. But toss in some pieces with a hint of a 1970s’s sports hall around them and it suddenly feels new(ish). Following the insistent groundhog day which was the Zara skort, I never thought I would succumb to the bothersome hybrid again. And I never even had said skort. Luckily, these call themselves shorts therefore I believe that they’re safe. Oh, and next time you’re in Topshop, check out its man equivalent. Out me… Topman is pretty much an untapped goldmine in terms of outerwear; believe suede biker coats, wool bombers and leathers. Topman’s generally cut fairly small so you do not need to go down several million dimensions for it to match too. While everybody and anybody gets on board the Stan train, my affections have gravitated towards this long-standing Originals staple that has been occupying hanging out in the wings; the silent yet trendy kid from the corner for those who will. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for black coaches white, so as it came down to itthese won out. Sorry Stan.