While I Had Been in L.A at July (late June?

Jesus, time flies) shooting a few jobs, I happened to make friends with the amazing staff at LACMA and they took Tayler and that I on a tour of this place by using their eyes. We spent a few hours eating healthful pizza — L.A is foolish — yelling internally over our favorite impressionists, and posing with all the art for truly epic Snapchat opportunities. We must take selfies in it and topped to this James Turrell Retrospective of the visit with a trip. Art is lived,y’all. And change the meaning and intent of the artist’s creation.   (“Unexpectedly the Koons is me…”) I adore how LACMA uses Snapchat and Twitter to link with visitors and I want more museums and art distances could take lessons from them. We discuss art constantly… but if it speaks back, things become very interesting.