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Dark, white, denim; so it is no secret that these are three of my favorite items. But toss in some pieces with a hint of a 1970s’s sports hall around them and it suddenly feels new(ish). Following the insistent groundhog day which was the Zara skort, I never thought I would succumb to the bothersome hybrid again. And I never even had said skort. Luckily, these call themselves shorts therefore I believe that they’re safe. Oh, and next time you’re in Topshop, check out its man equivalent. Out me… Topman is pretty much an untapped goldmine in terms of outerwear; believe suede biker coats, wool bombers and leathers. Topman’s generally cut fairly small so you do not need to go down several million dimensions for it to match too. While everybody and anybody gets on board the Stan train, my affections have gravitated towards this long-standing Originals staple that has been occupying hanging out in the wings; the silent yet trendy kid from the corner for those who will. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for black coaches white, so as it came down to itthese won out. Sorry Stan. 

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Ever wonder how to have your business actually noticed? Do you need suggestions on the best advertising and approach to boost the new power of your business or organization? I Am Phreshy is a complete service creative branding and lifestyle agency. It is geared toward assisting people and their business ventures with the right marketing and brand cohesiveness to take their professional jobs to another level.

I’m Phreshy is going to be showcased as a special celebrity guest judge to find the very best dressed competition at the much expected Convos With Claire Atlanta, forthcoming Saturday, June 15th, followed by a pop up shop on Sunday, June 16th! Buy your tickets on Sunday June 16th to sip Deleon cocktails, listen to beats by DJ Just for Kicks, and then store some amazing brands from our speciality sellers.

Founder of I Am Phreshy, Derrian Perry together with Beyonce at the
Roc Nation brunch

“Phreshy, born Derrian Perry is your premier go to publicist, lifestyle pro and curator. A creative, strategist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, In case it ought to be done call on Phreshy.” Quoted from the Brief bio of this”I Am Phreshy” Instagram page. Perry’s accolades are still impress, he is recently rebranded for stand out celebs like Blac Chyna. Don’t miss meeting him at Convos With Claire this weekend, one of other excellent fashion, fashion & business minds. Wear something bold in neon to observe our subject. It’s sure to be an event to remember.

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anna ewers swimwear
H&M’s spring / summer 2016 collection was previewed and has each of the main appearances for you. Versions: Andreea Diaconu, Anna Ewers, Marlon Teixeira, Hamid Onifade, Francisco Lachowski, Ton Heukels along with Jordan Barrett.

Article proceeds . To see it in full trip’H&M Swim 2016 look publication ‘ in »

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This fantastic little ordered bag came my way via MyHabit, that will be Amazon’s flash site, very similar to Gilt. When the bag initially appeared in a purchase, I was not quick enough to get you until it was gone (my big gripe with MyHabit is that they have very few of each product, so navigating the revenue often contributes to disappointment when all the greatest items are sold out over five minutes). Nevertheless, I place my name on the wait list and you became available on a month after, so I snagged it with no hesitation. A certain case of non-buyer’s guilt prevented!

Cardigan: Max Studio
Jeans: Level 99
Top: a gift from my sis
Necklace: a gift from Sal
Boots: Brako
Bag: Elaine Turner

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