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Givenchy has teased a campaign video with a silhouette of a female with a ponytail, and there’s 1 celebrity known for this particular trademark
Ariana Grande, above everyone else. Grande’s appointment hasn’t been officially verified by givenchy however the teaser videos featuring what is very
clearly her silhouette are over their Instagram. The creative director of givenchy Clare Waight Keller also posted the videos.

Back in 2017 if Keller was introduced in as director womenswear became
an greater focus for the brand. Keller’s couture collections will get rave reviews and a draw a fresh sense of luxury to the fashion house that is LVMH-owned. Ricardo Tisci, that steered the new into a luxury streetwear management, turning the company into one of the most sought after fashion brands, also bolstering revenue is succeeded by keller.


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Her womenswear has taken a more high-fashion, female approach while Keller’s approach to the menswear lineup was minimalist in contrast Tisci’s. The standing as one of the womenswear designers in the industry of keller has been cemented when Duchess Meghan Markle chose Keller to designer her wedding gown for the marriage to Prince Harry.

Choosing a superstar like Ariana Grande, who is a pop celebrity very
For her style choices, but also not only her songs, will help watched
Propel’s Givenchy’s standing in the luxury womenswear industry.
Grande will also be helpful for the brand new customers.

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So there’s something really important you will need to know about meI’m a cowgirl. No really. In my heart of hearts, I had been born in the incorrect place. As we proceed, I was supposed to be born out west where every morning we saddle up and head out on the plains, cows that were wrangling. The world works in funny ways. I was not born as a matter of reality, into that at all, and my dwelling in London is a CV builder for a long time in cattle ranching. So I go crazy for any kind of reference to the west in fashion. It’s part of the reason I am obsessed with Ralph Lauren, and will always be because of his very obsession with also that part of the world and this method of life.

I suppose I needed to clarify this with this particular outfit and , once I watched this skirt, so I almost leapt onto it like it might disappear if I did not have it right there and then. It talked to me, simple and plain. And there was no way I’d style it anything less than a homage to the amazing American West. There you have it. I believe it explains everything. This skirt is a classic, simple and plain. And what else, well, you’ve found me wear a million times over already. So you know that these are keepers! Leather, denim and cow print….

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