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Here really is only one of my first pattern hacks for my beloved McCall’s 6649 (regrettably out of print now, boo hoo, but you could attain the identical appearance using all the Sewaholic Granville!) . Nothing really important here. I expanded the rear yoke to front yoke then chose the pulse dart and flipped them gathers. If you’re interested, I’m posting these pattern hacks and several other mini tutorials on my own Instagram. I really like tips so I thought you may like some of my tips here and there for various things that I am working on right now.

Anyhow, this top notch. For the next round, I’m thinking that I would raise the shoulder accumulates a little bit. There’s just not enough gathering for my taste, but outside of that, I really like this top. It is made from that new Cotton & Steel Bespoke dual gauze. Sheesh, these guys are doing some really really really fun and exciting items.

This fabric is fairly interesting. You’ll love cotton gauze for the same reason, if you love linen for its wrinkles that are then. I happen to love this attribute in lace and therefore double gauze is a natural for me personally. When Cotton & Steel declared that they were going to perform dual gauze (then later declared they were likely to perform rayon challis!!!!) I had been all sorts of excited. Quickly purchased a stitch and decided that this could not sit at the stash for a era. Feels good to be using fabric – and wearing it! Ha ha!

Long agoI brought up this fun topic. What do you think about sewing clothing from crochet cotton? While this dual gauze is technically not a typical quilting cotton, it is produced by means of a quilting cotton company. I must admit that I feel that in the event you confine yourself to only using quilting cottons for garments you are seriously missing out on a complete world of fabric that’s available to you – actually for quilting! Like badly. Wools, silks, rayons, linens, and several kinds of cotton – besides quilting – then there is a complete world of knits, and of course all the various weaves and such from each one the different fabrics.

I am really, really pleased to see lots of the quilting cotton makers venturing past the plain weave quilting cotton, getting into voiles, yards as well as rayon challis. Very exciting. I’m hoping we see much more exciting items come from them in the future. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, if you are already sick of visiting my McCall’s 6649, well, that is just too bad. I’ve already made 2 more that I haven’t blogged and I’m going on more and more and more! Ha ha! I’ll attempt to keep it interesting by showing you all my future pattern hacks. I have got SOOOOOOOOO many for this pattern. Off to cut more button-ups.

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When shooting black and white style photography, how you convert in full-color Raw

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Davidoff Cool Water Intense launches with a new fragrance campaign featuring version Christian Hogue. Sporting white denim jeans, Christian ventures outside, reflecting the brand new attitude of the fragrance. The Eau de Parfum supplies a fresh spin on Cool Water freshness with a richly sourced component, the blue-green mandarin from Brazil. The brand clarifies that… [Read More]

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While I Had Been in L.A at July (late June?

Jesus, time flies) shooting a few jobs, I happened to make friends with the amazing staff at LACMA and they took Tayler and that I on a tour of this place by using their eyes. We spent a few hours eating healthful pizza — L.A is foolish — yelling internally over our favorite impressionists, and posing with all the art for truly epic Snapchat opportunities. We must take selfies in it and topped to this James Turrell Retrospective of the visit with a trip. Art is lived,y’all. And change the meaning and intent of the artist’s creation.   (“Unexpectedly the Koons is me…”) I adore how LACMA uses Snapchat and Twitter to link with visitors and I want more museums and art distances could take lessons from them. We discuss art constantly… but if it speaks back, things become very interesting. 

So it is with excellent pleasure that I can say that I am encouraging LACMA in their mission to get to SXSW to sponsor a panel about the future of art museums and technology! They want to bring board and a demonstration to SXSW 2015 that questions museums harness tech to deliver a much better experience, and also the way we can create guns passionate art creators, audiences, buyers, along with experiencers. 
I do believe that this panel would be super dope — please connect me (and Drake, apparently ) in encouraging LACMA and their journey to revamp the art+tech union and vote for their Interactive Tool for SXSW15! Thanks babes. 

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