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When shooting black and white style photography, how you convert in full-color Raw

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This Comme des Garcons skirt is from the 2005 Sets , I think.

It’s among those bits I purchased that I said in my last post. Normally I would never wear white — I have like, 4 white things which are not t-shirts — but I figured it was both too great to pass up and also a fantastic challenge. It drops at an embarrassing length and it’s utterly shapeless to your system … and I love it for those specific reasons. I really don’t know how it can be so difficult to wear yet too romantic and soft, it is why it brought me . 

The tuxedo coat I’m wearing with it’s my father’s out of his prom. He gave me white and black tails a few years ago, the black tailcoat was too beaten up and huge on me I couldn’t endure to let go of the white jacket.   I just put it in my underwear and watch Tilda Swinton films. But this jacket was the most ordinary thing I could think about to proceed with this skirt… no shirt. I don’t possess enough of the ideal shade of cream and I can not endure to break the color scheme up to distract from the skirt. That is my variation of this power suit. Now if I had been like eight inches liked wearing heels and taller. Everybody could be in trouble. #iconicexecutivelooks 
For a more SFW appearance, my buddy Emily noted it would look good with a knit so that I pulled this out I stole from my mother. I believe she knit herself.  The Dreamers eternally. 

In any case, I wore the sharpened +skirt combo to purchase onion dip and hang out with my cat.

Just wanted to discuss a pretty thing I enjoy. I was apprehensive posting a few of these because boobs but then I laughed because complete liberty and possession of my own graphics and direction and who cares. I’m trying to develop a little bit at one time. 
See you shortly.

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A little casual fun today and also a throwback to some second where I have found the exact outfit I wore thirty years ago. Now, I only wish I could get the image of my nine year-old self wearing this denim dress. Of course I was not fitting it by smart Gucci loafers or even a Furla bag. Just as a nine year old, I’m pretty certain I had been accessorising with Keds and an Eastpak backpack. That’s just how I wrapped. Straightforward, yet chic. Ha. But, things need to evolve over thirty decades, right? And yes, I had been, at some point, a good deal smaller. Hard to remember a time I was ever under 5 feet tall! 
That isalso in all honestythe most comfortable apparel. It’s stretchy, flattering and will last a lifetime. Get involved, folks. And if you’ve got a daughter, maybe there’s a matching opportunity? You lucky ladies! 
What I’m Wearing:

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